Living by our Emotions and Minds

Oversensitivity, argumentativeness and confusion are marks of a Christian who lives by his soul (mind, emotions) instead of depending on God. A soulish Christian still tries to get from his mind and emotions what he is meant to get from God through his spirit. This deception can produce self-righteousness, confusion, over-sensitivity or argumentiveness that is contrary to God’s nature. Visit & Follow Us: Website: Instagram:… Pinterest: YouTube Channel: Video on Truth Matters Website Ernest O’Neill, controlling anger, envy and selfishness, faith that overcomes, consecrated living, conviction of sin, crucified with Christ, living daily in reality, Creator’s plan, living a consecrated life to god. #ernesto’neill, #controllinganger, #livingdailyinreality, #faiththatovercomes, #convictionofsins, #consecratedliving, #Creator’splan, #obediencetoGod, #truthmatters, #worldinvisible spiritual life coach spirituality.

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