Perfect Life

What is the main reason people dismiss Christians’ witness? Why do their lives so often contradict their words? Does Jesus ask us to do what we can’t do? Is holiness a continual struggle toward an unobtainable goal? What about temptation? Why do our lives so often contradict our words? Does the loving Jesus ask us to do what we can’t do? Is straining to be good the best we can do? Visit & Follow Us: Website: Instagram:… Pinterest: YouTube Channel: Video on Truth Matters Website Ernest O’Neill, controlling anger, envy and selfishness, faith that overcomes, consecrated living, conviction of sin, crucified with Christ, living daily in reality, Creator’s plan, living a consecrated life to god. #ernesto’neill, #controllinganger, #livingdailyinreality, #faiththatovercomes, #convictionofsins, #consecratedliving, #Creator’splan, #obediencetoGod, #truthmatters, #worldinvisible spiritual life coach spirituality.

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