Sin After Conversion

Ernest O’Neill in his sermon about the carnal Christian looks at what this means and how we come to be carnal instead of spiritual Sin after conversion. This is the heart of everything that God has shown us here as a body and this is the division between the men and the boys, or in this age of equality of women and the girls. And this is where all the truths and the power of the Holy Spirit hangs — and loved ones this is the truth that will drive you in to the depths of Jesus, or will drive you in to the depths of deception and hell. So I ask you to listen to it carefully and to open your hearts to it because this is the center of salvation and the center of deliverance. Visit & Follow Us: Website: Instagram:… Pinterest: YouTube Channel: Video on Truth Matters Website Ernest O’Neill, faith that overcomes, consecrated living, conviction of sin, crucified with Christ, living daily in reality, Creator’s plan, living a consecrated life to god, controlling anger, envy and selfishness,sin after conversion #ernesto’neill, #controllinganger, #livingdailyinreality, #faiththatovercomes, #convictionofsins, #consecratedliving, #Creator’splan, #obediencetoGod, #truthmatters, #worldinvisible

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